Welcome to Philip's Node Zero

Welcome to my Node Zero Page.  I have produced this page to demonstrate the Node Zero I have created in my loft.  Originally I had just fixed devices and accessories to walls/beams etc., but after a number of additions it was clear that I needed something more flexible, and my Node Zero was born.



As you can see from this picture, I have a number of devices located in a 19'' rack.  From top to bottom, the order is as follows:








Side View

Here you can see the incoming telephone connection with ADSL filter.  The filtered 'voice' connections are made to a number of junction boxes located around the house (they will have to wait until phase 2 until they are patched to the 48 way patch panel!). 

You may also note in the top right a room thermostat.  This is connected to two high speed (but noisy) case fans in the Home Security Server. 

In the summer, when it gets a tad hot up there, the fans kick in and create a high through flow of air through the case, and stops the server from overheating (yes, this is a result of a bad experience in 2004 when the server overheated in the summer and crashed.  Windows became corrupted, but at least the hardware survived!)






Distance View

Here you can see the cabinet all closed up (front and side doors).  You can also see the incoming cabling routed through two vertical cages underneath, as well as the server monitor on the top of the rack.


Overall, it has been worth the effort, and keeps everything much tidier and less prone to 'accidents' when in the loft!